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What to drink in Dry January

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

There are many reasons we choose to cut out or cut down on alcohol during January, including

  • feeling we've overindulged in December (guilty!)

  • New year, new you

  • raising money for charity

We all recognise the notable long term health benefits of cutting down on alcohol, but there are other more immediate effects too like getting a better night's sleep, better skin (yes please!) and saving money.

Taking time and care to prepare a special non-alcoholic drink, using a beautiful glass and adding ice and a garnish, brings some of the ceremony you get with an alcoholic drink. So whilst I try my hardest at this time of year to keep my reusable water bottle with me at all times, I also look to mocktails to keep my resolve of no alcohol going.

The base of my mocktails is Yaffle House Vinegar, organic apple cider vinegars infused with fruit, herbs and spices. They are a quick and easy way to make a few basic ingredients taste exceptionally special. A few of these a week may mean you never feel the need go back to alcohol.

Here are a couple of my favourite recipes:

Light and Stormy - a dark and stormy without the rum

Ginger ale - 150ml

Apple juice - 50ml

Yaffle House Plum+Ginger Vinegar - 2 tbsp



  • Add ice cubes to a tall glass

  • Pour in the ginger ale (or ginger beer if you like it really spicy), apple juice and Yaffle House Plum+Ginger Vinegar

  • Stir gently

  • Squeeze in the juice from 1/4 lime

  • Garnish with a slice of lime

Blackberry Spritz

Yaffle House Blackberry Vinegar - 2tbsp

Elderflower cordial - 1 tbsp

Sparkling water



  • Pour Yaffle House Blackberry Vinegar and the elderflower cordial into a wine glass

  • Crush a couple of mint leaves in your hand and add to the glass

  • Top up with sparkling water

  • Add ice and a sprig of mint

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